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Currently, the worldwide Corona pandemic has affected all of us in a spectacular way, signaling us with signs to quickly move on to a "reset world", which present us with new, drastic organizational and mental challenges.

I can support you with the classical “f2f” seminars, as well as a broad range of virtual sessions to reach new competence goals. I believe that the virtual sphere is an ideal place for learning, innovation and building connections in your international

business. With your team, we compare different decision-making styles as well as reflecting on your own decision-making methods (through the use of mindfulness) so that we are able to perceive new ways for creating breakthrough possibilities. We discover in this new reality how to cope with uncertainty and create new plausible ways for more trust and reliability, resulting in a competitive advantage for your international business — anytime and anywhere.


About me

Sabine Wagner - Business Intelligence in Munich: your trusted partner in business intelligence and international management. She is passionate about personal leadership and culture - a catalyst for more efficient intercultural communication and "agile work". With a dynamic and compassionate approach to "real leadership" she inspires responsiveness and commitment so that at the end one is better equipped to deal with the unexpected challenges in our VUCA world.

My Offers


In this re-set world  we develop new structures, we recognize and avoid “stumbling blocks” and create a  trustful virtual world!



Personal Leadership

 In dealing with ambiguity in this VUCA world, new possibilities arise and allow us to find our goals. Essentially the question is: how can we respond to ambiguous situations and conflict with mindfulness?


InterCULTURAL Coaching

Changes in the "new normality"  generates uncertainty and liminality. "Be intentional! We will create new visions between what  was and what will be - 

"less busy, more focused" 


More Information about

  • Coaching for executives and managers: leadership in a new reality,
  • Motivating Personal Leadership for intentional changes needed in the VUCA world,
  • Virtual facilitation in a "reset" world,
  • Consulting and conflict management in the the virtual world:  "focused despite distance",
  • Team development workshops in multicultural teams in a changed  environment
  • Cross cultural trainings, culture specific trainings to the USA and the UK,
  • "Welcome to Germany"- seminars to help “expats” to adapt to the German culture,
  • Project management for a better understanding of responsibility in virtual teams, 
  • Online assessment before trainings,
  • Facilitation of large groups/World Café.