"Close despite distance"  Project management  in a virtual  space

 "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far to go" – T.S.ELIOT


I consult international companies and organizations to successfully and efficiently coordinate congresses, to develop and implement new and suitable organizational development strategies, to remain competitive in international projects.

I make sure working within international projects you:

  • develop new structures, recognize and avoid “stumbling blocks”
  • plan for your specific needs, gain new points of view for optimal team work
  • discover new perspectives to make sure all people are connected trying to reach solutions,
  • your project is seen successful from the outside perspective,
  • use all resources for your project with the most advantage,
  • monitor your activities the right way and check the time concept,
  • improve the ability to take sound and lasting decisions, reduce management mistakes and therewith fund sustainable high performance,
  • moderate your meetings, support to proceed with new strategic activities,
  • strengthen your solutions-oriented innovative leadership skills,
  • safeguard your work/life balance,
  • bring a constructive and innovative contribution to your organization avoid falling back into old habits,
  • become familiar with the necessity to accept responsibility for change,
  • encourage creativity in every employee,
  • start your own self-directed learning processes, reinforce your self-confidence,

All this relevant knowledge and enhanced intercultural sensitivity is your success on the international market!

My philosophy is to share my personal experience from more than fifteen years of living & working in the USA and the UK, in France with English speaking clients. I am known for my intercultural sensitivity, empathy, charisma and authenticity. I provide the framework to cause change process in your organization. In my workshops you learn all relevant competencies to reach your goals quickly to be successful on the international market!

Your benefit: success in your international business!

My latest and biggest consulting project was in the year 2011. After having been several years representative for Germany in SIETAR Europa (Society of Intercultural Education Training and Research) I was responsible for the coordination and organization of the SIETAR Europa congress in Krakow in September 2011. My capacity and commitment coordinating more than 50 presenters & speakers, sponsors and close to 400 participants from over 60 countries and a multiple of multiple of disciplines and fine-tuning for smooth operations led to what many participants called "an exceptionally well organized and fascinating congress".

(SIETAR congress Krakow September 2011, www.sietareu.org/congress-2011)

"As our congress coordinator, Sabine showed an extraordinary talent in organizing all the ins and outs of our SIETAR Congress in Krakow, September 2011. Due to her detailed knowledge of congressional events and energetic professionalism, SIETAR Europa was able to put on what many participants called "an exceptionally well organized and fascinating congress". She is, without a doubt, a born organizer. I can highly recommend her for similar type of event."

– (October 2011, Patrick Schmidt, president of SIETAR Europa).


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I was part of the organizational team for several SIETAR Germany Forums.


Feel free to read more  about the SIETAR Europa Congresses! We met successfully in Tallin 2013, in Valencia 2015, in Dublin in 2017, in Leuven in 2019.


 Preparation for the next European congress  in 2021 in Malta has started. Feel free to visit: