Your benefit

My goals for your success are:

  • to help you gain new perspectives,
  • to make you aware of the complexity of intercultural competence,
  • to find solutions to your intercultural challenges,
  • to help you avoid invisible cultural mistakes,
  • to empower management decision making skills,
  • to achieve best results using a systemic approach,
  • to smoothen your transition to a new culture,
  • to help managers develop new strategies for international activities,
  • to support teams in building a solid base for successful change,
  • to increase your self-confidence,
  • to help you find ways to strengthen your international reputation,
  • to help you find lasting solutions for complex intercultural challenges. 

All these goals will lead to increased intercultural competence, resulting in a competitive advantage for your international business endeavors. 


You learn to build a foundation of flexibility and sensitivity, essential for effective cross-cultural relationships with colleagues, clients and friends.

I will INCREASE your cultural awareness with:

  • various training strategies
  • custom designed training concepts
  • interactive training methods, which provide lasting improvements in your leadership culture
  • an increase in your strategic thinking for international assignments
  • trust building group dynamic tools designed for high performance teams
  • specialized methods for developing your intercultural communication competencies
  • more certainty and effectiveness in negotiating with foreign business partners
  • familiarity with different business cultures
  • a sense of belonging in the new culture
  • better work life balance
  • new understanding of global leadership
  • clear and stable change processes
  • enhanced awareness for intercultural differences
  • optimized communication skills and higher tolerance of ambiguity
  • improved self-confidence within your international team
  • better acceptance of other cultures
  • increased motivation in working in a multicultural high performance team

„Communication is life“ supports you to be effective in today’s international business arena.
Your benefit is success in international business relationships.
“Communication is life” turns the key for your success.

You will like this:

I support you in maximizing your global business competence skills with interesting customized activities. The core of my personal approach is to assure that all questions are answered, all needs fulfilled. In addition to topic-applicable exercises and interactive discussions, every participant receives extensive handouts which address the specific context of each seminar.The competencies you take with you can be put into practice, giving you an immediate advantage, and with no further homework or practice necessary.

The target group:

Seminar participants come from all businesses and all positions: CEOs and managers, marketing, sales, finance, production and banking to name just some.