My Philosophy

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes“

The key to your success

Working independently for 25 years, more than 15 years in foreign countries and more than 15 years as coach and consultant in intercultural competence is my foundation for successful training. “Life is too short for boring stuff – we have no time to make the same mistakes over again.” It is my strength to pass on “my personal experience as the best training“.


I offer:

  • coachings for executives,
  • intercultural trainings for teams in international companies,
  • seminars in universities and high schools,
  • presentations for educational institutions and societies,

in German, English or french.

I support organizational change in uniting different approaches from different cultures. I help to build bridges between theoretical knowledge and emotional reactions. With practical exercises of real life situations I set up, my participants to get prepared for any intercultural challenges. My solid education in intercultural theories and some research in intercultural science in combination with didactical skills and my cultural sensitivity are the substance for effective training and the key to your success.

Creating new perspectives

To reach the right goal one, has to start at the right place. Intercultural training is only successful when we start at your level of intercultural competence and aim for a “smart” goal. All my trainings are interactive and individually tailored to your needs. All your expectations are included in the concept we follow.

My goal is to expose you to unique approaches, create new perspectives for you to reach your goals.

Creating a high level of trust

Today international business is only effective when there is trust within the team. In my training I focus on creating a high level of trust in fulfilling your specific needs. Trust depends on tolerance of ambiguity and open-mindedness towards cultural differences. I carefully choose the best possible way for you to improve all trust factors in your team and with your business partners. Together, we will develop your approach for your success.

The need to pay attention to cultural aspects is critical

A fact is, with more and more international corporations, there is more intercultural contact all over the world. Thus more and more international projects fail because of the lack of cross cultural knowledge. Intercultural conflicts increase just because of intercultural misunderstandings. Therefore the need for everybody involved to pay attention to cultural aspects is critical. Together, we create unique approaches to discover your needs in order to improve your work performance in the new business environment. The goal is, and to enhance your intercultural skills, to use your potential to smoothen out your transition into the new local environment. I support you before, during and after your transition into a new cultural environment. You gain a competitive advantage and obtain a sustainable business succ

Leveraging cultural differences

I guide you interactively to experience cultural differences. You become aware of your own values and increase your tolerance of ambiguity towards other cultures.

You will learn to accept and to adapt to different behaviors and use this diversity without fear of losing your own identity. You experience giving and taking while staying authentic to your own personality and culture. You learn to leverage cultural differences for your benefit.

With all this new potential,

  • you will have a foundation of flexibility and sensitivity essential for effective cross-cultural relationships with your colleagues, customers and friend
  • you will achieve increased recognition in the international business field, not only individually, but for your company as well
  • you will have gained self-confidence and feel a sense of belonging in the new culture
  • you will be able to avoid management frustration and above all costly misunderstandings
  • you will have learnt innovative business practices for competitive advantages
  • your cultural awareness will be viewed as an advantage in your own personal development

You will like this:

I support you in maximizing your global business competence skills with interesting customized activities. The core of my personal approach is to assure that all questions are answered, all needs fulfilled. In addition to topic-applicable exercises and interactive discussions, every participant receives extensive handouts which address the specific context of each seminar.The competencies you take with you can be put into practice, giving you an immediate advantage, and with no further homework or practice necessary.

The Target Group

Seminar participants come from all businesses and all positions: CEOs and managers, marketing, sales, finance, production and banking to name just some.

The best way to be successful in international business!

Learning can be fun! Learning is the future! With a higher level of understanding we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors!