New ways to attain key goals!

After having founded my own consulting company “communication is life“ in Munich more than fifteen years ago, I began working with global leaders in dealing with complexity, diversity and global leadership issues as well as developing their personal and organizational goals.

“My passion is creating breakthrough possibilities” – for you as a global leader, for multicultural teams and for whole organizations.


Leveraging Diversity


Nothing can compare with the personal experience gained from working and living in a different culture. I have lived and worked in Germany, France, England and the US for over fifteen years. My philosophy is to pass on these personal experiences as the core of each training and coaching. I particularly enjoy explaining the differences between cultures. Research has demonstrated that when diversity is understood and appreciated, it can lead to significant better performance overall.

Powerful tools to challenge your everyday thinking


I use specific powerful tools to challenge your everyday thinking, making you aware of your values, the values of others and harmful stereotyping. Special attention is given to different views and different behaviors in the diverse cultures. You will learn to use these differences to your advantage, providing you with both competence and confidence in all your intercultural dealings. More importantly, the risk of failure is reduced and innovation is increased.

Sustainable success in international business


In my seminars we will navigate through different theories and methods, practice new behaviors and develop new communication styles. You will learn to make changes efficiently, improve your business relationships and gain the competitive advantage. In short, laying the foundation for sustainable success in your international business.

Reach your intercultural competence goals


I custom design my seminars to meet the client’s specific management and employee development needs. To be effective in today's international business arena, you have to cultivate your curiosity. Take this chance to have me support you in further developing your intercultural competence for your international assignments during all implementation phases. When you begin to wonder, to ask questions, we can then start building a skillset.
In my coaching and consulting sessions I assist you in deepening your knowledge of the impact of culture on management and leadership as well as in developing cross-cultural skills and competencies. We practice innovative ways; I will show you up-to-date approaches to reach your intercultural competence goals. My intercultural training programs are designed to improve your communication skills and your international team performance.