Intercultural Coaching

Coaching has priority

As an independant coach, facilitator, team builder and consultant my main goal is to inspire human development! 

my approach: "be intentional"! Are you looking for a sparing partner to bounce off ideas? anytime? by phone? Someone who is not affraid to challenge you? Get in touch! My work areas are cross-cultural competency, global business skills, team effectiveness, conflict resolution and personal leadership. I accompany middle and higher management who like support with decisions in international business situations. My goal is to help people bridge differences effectively & mindfully! We develop the confidence to make the next move straight towards your success, to create what is necessary in our VUCA - volatile, uncertain, complex world full of ambiguity!  All tailor made - individual - based on a high level of trust! 


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


Develop your own strategies for your cross cultural challenges

Coaching is a solution orientated form of consulting to take care of your personal questions within your business environment. Changes in the "new normality"  create  uncertainty and liminality. Coaching is based on trust, is designed with an outside perspective to help you to reach your individual business goals. I support you in becoming aware of your cross-cultural management challenges, to find new approaches and to create new ways for specific solutions between what was and what will be.  for resolving concrete situations. With face to face individual coaching you learn to easily develop your own strategies for your cross cultural challenges.

Possible questionS may occur regarding:

  •  Culture specific differences for a successful integration into a new culture
  • Culture shock,
  • Conflict resolution with people from different cultures,
  • Recognize own resources and learn to use them effectively,
  • Beneficial adjustment of behavior patterns,
  • Issues of power distance and hierarchical questions in your business environment,
  • Further development of internationally recognized leadership competencies,
  • Development of new and valuable strategies for your business.

Excellent international business results

I motivate you with self-reflection methods, to reach new goals, recognize original approaches and take advantage of unique chances. Our goal is to strengthen your self-confidence, to boost your professional satisfaction to be able to trust in yourself when dealing with important decisions. You experience your own reaction and learn to concentrate on the important aspects of a working environment, which lays the groundwork for excellent international business results and creates personal fulfilment, without stress.

Coaching can be offered in several sessions over a specific time span.                                          I accompany you before, during and after a complex intercultural situation!