Multicultural team development workshops

"There is no shortcut to any place worth going" – BEVERLY SILLS

The acceptance and value of diversity

With the globalization around us more and more executives work in multicultural teams. The goal of my workshops is to support you in achieving high performance multicultural teams, who can accept and value diversity and use all synergies to their benefit. It is always an adventure to live in a foreign culture. This is even more true when working in a multicultural team. The understanding of difference and discovering the potential of all team members can lead to the development of new, better ideas and solutions. The result of noticing and using different perspectives is the base for more creativity, innovation and performanceductivity.

Dealing with critical situations competently

Of course what’s happening in the world right now confronts even more executives of multicultural teams with complex challenges. For example adjustment in team leadership, change of influential team members, alteration in the cultural environment, or modification of the team goal may create the need for a developmental team workshop. To bring us back to normality we need to stay calm, we need some technic and some courage. We need to learn and practice to work from home, to merge virtual sphere with the physical as a place for meetings, getting work done virtually, arrange meetings and motivate teams virtually and even creating strong relational fields virtually. But when this is all done well & effectively it enables us a bridging of time zones and geographical distance and, it can build better communication, team-working and innovation, it even creates more freedom.


Take advantage of the motives in my multicultural team building workshops:

  • Team interaction will be improved, effective communication is reinforced , we develop strategies for effective cooperation for a common goal,
  • A sustainable basis of trust is professionally established,
  • Individuals gain self-confidence and reputation in international settings, learn to react quicker within the team,
  • All team members feel a high level of commitment and motivation, curiosity and experimental learning is encouraged,
  • The importance of creative feedback is recognized, reflection of all team members are enhanced, leading to more security in taking risks
  • The right people with the right competencies are in the right place, integrating all of the available skills,

Each multicultural team workshop is tailored to the group’s expectations, culture specific needs and company’s visions to ensure development and guarantee the capability for action.

There is rarely only one way for dealing with the challenges multicultural teams face every day. However trust is one essential component for success in multicultural teams.

Intercultural competence together with expert knowledge and the ability to change one perspective are the prerequisites in international business settings. With openness and courage we discover for example how in different cultures decisions are made, how power distance is dealt with, how the concept of time can differ. We discover the effects of different ways of thinking in analysing critical incidents. We train different behavior in role plays. We learn to use all your potential to be successful. Your motivation to reach your desired goal is my highest priority. All participants reflect on own experiences and develop new strategies for their daily life challenges.

The result will show highly competent successful teams!

An important aspect in my multicultural team development seminars is to create a personal and trusting interaction between the participants and myself. Only with trust can we efficiently and effectively achieve the goal to “form, storm, norm and perform across cultures” (Tuckman, 1965)

Team development online tools can also be used before a workshop for valuable assessments.