Consulting with Online assessment tools before seminars

Corporate readers might be interested:

I have certification and have successfully used the following assessment tools for better fine-tuning of my clients’ needs.

Often an employee who is experiencing critical cultural challenges difficult employees can be convinced of the need for further training if he/she sees the results on such an instrument. Feel free to contact me to better understand why a pre-training assessment can also make sense for you and your employees.

1. One developmental & analysis tool which I successfully utilize especially for building trust in international teams and is often chosen by international companies is the International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI) ©.

2. Companies I have worked with have also often chosen to use the „TIP - International Profiler“© from WorldWork, an intercultural coaching instrument, to analyse your international management competences using a web-based psychometric questionnaire. TIP is a questionnaire with ten competencies with 22 linked capabilities. During the feedback process, it is determined how effectively your present management strategies fit the actual goals and how necessary competencies can be enhanced. This is especially efficient for goal-oriented coaching programs and transfer-oriented workshops, for efficient support of foreign assignments, to serve as a basis for diagnoses of HR activities and manager development. TIP is pragmatic, easy and quick, and particularly valuable in providing lasting results.

3. Another Cross-cultural E-Learning Solution for intercultural success is the assessment tool Argonaut online:

"Argonaut extends the learning moment in applying new thinking".

4. I am also licensed for "the Culture Active Model " from Richard Lewis Ltd. Which shows the differences between „linear-multiactive- und reactive cultures“.

5. "the Cultural Orientation Framework" is an integrative framework designed to assess and compare cultures.