Intercultural Training

"One culture is not better than any other – only different from all the rest. Simple though it sounds, this is not an easy message to get across." – ROBERT KOHLS with HERBERT BUSSOW


Doing international business successfully in another cultural environment means more than just being able to speak the language. Today, intercultural competence is a prerequisite for success.

Choose from different intercultural training programs to fit your needs:

Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Trainings aim to recognize and value cultural differences and use the sum of its parts to become more confident and efficient in the global business environment.  Studies show that 70% percentage of international business projects fail because of a lack of knowledge of cultural differences. Intercultural misunderstandings cost nerves, time, and money. To put it simply: there is often a lack of trust and no sensitivity for feelings and behaviors of people from different cultures.

Recognize your own Intercultural Competence, build a foundation of flexibility and sensitivity, be prepared for challenging cross cultural situations.  

Inevitably your communication skills will be improved. Culture has nothing to do with “country borders”. Every company has its own culture, own leadership concept and own ways to deal with partners, colleagues and clients. You need to get new perspectives and reach effective decisions to better integrate into the “new culture”. The result: You will be far ahead of your competitors with your additional Cross Cultural Competence! We do not talk about the right or wrong behavior. We talk about the reasons for different behavior. The answer lies mainly in the values or beliefs we hold in the culture we belong to. You gain energy, flexibility and resilience. It will be easy to increase your cross cultural competence.

“Cross Cultural Training” is rapidly becoming the most important instrument for success in international companies.


Culture Specific Training

In my culture specific trainings my philosophy is to share my personal experience. In more than 15 years of living & working  with English speaking clients, I have gained a profound knowledge that allows me to specialize in culture specific trainings. Therefore I can give you deep insights of culture first hand for the USA and UK. My training sessions are “tailored” specifically to your needs!

 “Culture hides more than it reveals. The real job is not to understand foreign culture but to understand our own”


Today, cultural literacy is not simply desirable - it is a global business prerequisite. Unfortunately the cultural factor is often an ‘invisible’ problem. The complexity of the demands made on managers on foreign assignment is usually underestimated. Only when we understand our own culture, we can see and use the differences in behavior and thinking to our advantage! 

The first step is to understanding culture specific communication styles, the next step is getting aware and using diverse different ways of thinking or dissimilar decision making processes. All in all communication needs to be satisfying and fruitful. You learn to value your own perspectives, to grasp and better understand the differences to the foreign culture of everyday life.This leads to innovative business practices and your competitive advantage!  

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." – RALPH WALDO EMERSON


Welcome to Germany Training

A culture specific program to accelerate the smooth transition of international assignees and their families into their new communities and work environments in Germany, to better understand the German culture, in English language.

Wouldn't it be interesting to know more about "how the Germans tick"?

 What’s normal for “the Germans” is certainly a great adventure for people from foreign cultures living and working in Germany. It can be a special experience since a lot of things will appear as unfamiliar behavior. You do not only need to learn a new language, you will be confronted with unusual ways of thinking and decision making.  

Cultural sensibility plays an important role. Together we remove stumbling blocks, we discuss culture shock, business etiquette, how to start and maintain friendships with Germans. Economic, religious & social taboos are also included. We will find answers to: What kind of management style can I expect? How will a different time concept influence my life? What hierarchy concepts do Germans follow? Different ways of negotiation together with a diverse leadership style and conflict resolution are also important. Individual coaching for employees coming to Germany, as well as group trainings for teams working together in Germany are possible.

In my workshop you will gain new knowledge and receive a lot of useful practical information for your “new life” in the new culture in Germany.